Kamis, 17 Februari 2011


Hot water Suban

Tourism Objects Suban Hot water is a natural attractions that have long interested community Bengkulu, Excess is very much a tourist attraction, it is because of this tourist attraction offers a variety of uniqueness in it. Sightseeing is still being developed and well laid out so as to attract foreign tourists.
Sightseeing is located + 6 km from City Curup. Besides being a pleasant place of recreation, tourism hot water is believed to be useful to cure various skin diseases, rheumatic and arthritic aches. In this location there is also a beautiful waterfall with a height of + 90 m with clear water and cold. In addition there are also stones that are considered sacred Weeping Stone named by the local community. Myth is said that certain people carry a number of pets and cut it to get the blessing of God Almighty. 

The number of visitor attractions Suban This hot water reaches + 7500 people per month and to go natural attractions Suban Hot Water is not difficult because of the distance + 3 km of State roads, the location can be easily accessed using a personal vehicle either 2 wheel or wheels 4. Suban natural attractions of Hot Water is a leading tourist in Bengkulu Province in general and Rejang Lebong in particular.

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