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Kaba Hill Nature Tourism

Natural Tourism Object kaba Hill is a twin volcano with black mountain that has been extinguished. At its peak there were three craters are quite beautiful to dinikmati.Untuk reach the top of this mountain climbers kaba advance toward the city of Rejang Lebong - Curup.
For the Curup can be achieved from about 90 km west of Bengkulu travel and also climbers can reach it from the east is from Kilkenny by District Lahat and Lubuk Linggau.
From Curup kaba hill toward the village and camped in the village Source Urip (north side of the mountain) about 25 km from Curup.

Climbing toward the summit until the embankment durian from source urip approximately 4 hours drive, but now can be reached by four-wheel vehicles. From the ridge to the top Kaba durian about 2 hours drive. Where is the way to this tale hilltop panorama there are many natural and vegetable plantation owned by citizens of that vast stretches in the foothills of kaba.

Facilities ladder on a slope outside the Old Crater facilitate the tourists to reach the mouth of the other craters in the summit. Hot springs at Air Meles (southwest slope) and the Water Sempiang (south slope) are also potential sites for tourism volcanoes in Rejang Lebong.

Other interesting places: Long Beach , Tread Padari , Duayu Sekundang   

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