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No Display...

No Display...

roelpaulo's broken computer
Broken Computer
Ok first, let us not get into this picture. Do not let your self be overtaken by anger if your computer suddenly didn't have a Display. I'm going to show you how to troubleshoot if this problem happens to you.

Here is what you are going to do...
First, do not panic or be angry because your computer might end up something like in this picture.

roelpaulo's monitor power cable
Monitor Power Cable
roelpaulo's monitor signal cable
Monitor Signal Cable
roelpaulo's VGA Port
VGA Port

Second, think of why your computer has no display. Maybe it's only just the Power cable of the monitor not plugged into the socket, or the Signal cable not plugged into the VGA Port of your computer. Or maybe. your Monitor is really broken.

roelpaulo's Video Card
Video Card
roelpaulo's Memory Module
Memory Module
If that is still not the case, maybe there is something wrong in some of your hardware. Check first the Video Card. Replace it. If it is still the same, we will go to the Memory Module. Replace it too. Make sure that the hardware that you are going to use as a replacement is in good condition, otherwise, you will not have an accurate pin-point of the faulty hardware.

roelpaulo's Motherboard
If it still the same, then you have a last option. We will go to the Motherboard. Replace it. I think that will do it.

Remember, we only targeted the three main possible reasons why your computer doesn't have a display in it. Look in my Troubleshooting guide for some other tips that will also help you to Identify some other problems about faulty hardware.

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