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Nokia E7: What’s in the box

Nokia E7: What’s in the box

By Mat Smith on Monday, 11th April 2011 :: Page 1

We’ve got our box-opening mitts on Nokia’s E7, a long-awaited Symbian-powered smartphone very much taking styles cues from the Nokia N8.

Compared to the N8, it comes with a slightly bigger screen- four inches across, and there's a few other hardware changes, such as an eight-megapixel camera, and most obviously, a slide-out hard-key keyboard- and it’s a very satisfying slider.

Nokia’s E7 has an AMOLED display with Nokia’s ‘Clear Black’ technology which promises better visibility in direct sunlight and bright light.

The E7 also has Nokia’s F-Secure anti-theft protection built-in. This means you can locate and remotely lock and/or wipe your data fingerprints if it goes missing or is stolen.

The Nokia E7 will be available in a range of colours including dark grey, silver, green, blue and orange. It's taken a while, but now we’ve got our hands on a silver model, let’s see what else comes with the handset. Click on for all the out-of-box goodness.

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