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Ark Celebration - Bengkulu

Celebration Ark was originally carried and developed by the Indian origin who came with the arrival Siphoy British troops to Bengkulu in 1685. They came to Madras-Bengali Bengkulu from southern India, along the British nation during its occupation in Bengkulu.One of these newcomers are Shiite cleric named Sheikh Burhanuddin who later better known as Imam Senggolo.

He was the first to introduce to the public ceremony Bengkulu Ark around Fort Marlborough at the time. The ceremony is then passed on to offspring the offspring who later some of which are assimilated with the people of Bengkulu.

Traditional ceremony called the "Ark" and often also pronounced the name "Ark", on the other the areas of West Sumatra is known by the name "Tabui" is a mourning ceremony The Shiites. Because of this ceremony is long enough to grow and develop in some people of Bengkulu, then eventually be viewed as a traditional ceremony of Bengkulu. Sipai both from among the Malay community as well as by all of Bengkulu.Therefore be as Ceremony Traditional Ceremony Ark of Bengkulu Malay tribes.

As previously described, the name "Ark" is derived from the Arabic word that is the Ark, which literally means Wood Box or Container. Perhaps the confidence of the Children of Israel at the time that if the Ark is emerging and is in the hands of their leader, will bring good to them. But on the contrary when the Ark is lost it will be to bring malapeta for them.

In Bengkulu own, Ark ceremony is a ceremony mourning the death of the Great Syaid Husien bin Ali bin Abi Talib, one of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson. The core of the ceremony is to commemorate the efforts and the efforts of the Shiite leader and his people are trying to collect the parts of the body Husien. After all collected and then paraded his body parts and buried in Padang Karbala. The whole ceremony lasted for 10 days, ie from 01 to 10 Muharram. The stages of the Ark ceremony are as follows: Taking the Land, Sitting Penja, Menjara, Meradai, Penja Arak, Arak turban, Gam (the quiet / mourning) and Arak and the Ark Gedang wasted.

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