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I. Growth in Traditional Art Batik Jambi

Batik is the work of the Indonesian nation created by the combination of art and technology ancestral nation of Indonesia. Batik products can be developed to arrive at a level which boasts both design and process. Similarly, there are batik grow and develop in the area of Jambi.

In ancient times Jambi batik is only used as a custom clothing for the aristocracy / king of Jambi Malay.This began in the year 1875 , Haji Muhibat and their families come from Central Java to live in Jambi and introduce batik processing. Batik motif that is applied at the time of motif - decorative motifs as seen in traditional house carvings in the Jambi and wedding clothes, the motive is still in limited amounts. Use of Jambi batik, basically since the first was not associated with the division of castes according to custom, but as a product that is still exclusive and limited its use in environmental court.

With the development time, the motif used by the king and his family are not currently prohibited from use by ordinary people. This situation is the rapid increase demand for batik cloth so that the household developed a small industry that manages a simple batik.

The development of batik was interrupted several years, and the mid-70s was found a few pieces of ancient batik which is owned by one of the women entrepreneurs 'Mas Hadijah Queen Mother " and from there began to be encouraged back Jambi batik development. One mother who participated also help the development of batik in Jambi is Mrs. Zainab and Mrs. Asmah making skills, which have inSeberang City .

At first, Jambi batik coloring still using natural ingredients from plants found in the forest area of Jambi, such as:

  1. Wood Sepang produce reddish yellow color.
  2. Wood Ramelang produce red-brown color.
  3. Wood Lambato produce yellow color.
  4. Nilo wood produces a blue color.
The colors are the traditional colors of Jambi batik, which has a unique charm that is different from chemical dyes.

In 1980 12 s / d 22 October in the village of Ulu Gedong Batik Education and Training held in the Municipality of Jambi, the first training was held was initiated by the Regional Office of the Ministry of Industry, Jambi Province ( Drs. H. Suprijadi Soleh ) in collaboration with relevant agencies and PKK Team Leader of Jambi province ( Prof. Dr. Sri Soedewi Maschun Sofwan, SH. ), by bringing in trainers / instructors from the Center for Craft clan Batik Yogyakarta.

Until now no one knows for sure who the creator of traditional batik motifs very much in number, also the philosophy contained in these motifs. A clear area of Jambi batik has its own characteristics and has grown to such an extent that is known by the people of Indonesia and foreign countries.

With the advent of batik textile industry, on the one hand is a supporter of the existence and preservation of traditional batik motif itself, because the more that apply the traditional batik means preservation, especially in terms of motive can be maintained. But in terms of traditional batik industrial life is the opposite, because batik textiles are produced on a large - scale will drop the price of traditional batik motifs in addition to saturation level will accelerate the eyes of consumers.
Competitive conditions among textile industry batik and traditional batik industry, is actually not much to worry about, because each product has its own market segments, such as:

  1. Exclusive market segment (a specially designed and luxurious, usually made of silk and batik hand is a very subtle details.)
  2. Mid-market segment (for the benefit of the general public).
  3. Mass-market segments to meet the needs of school uniforms, organization, office, etc. (printed batik mass produced.
Therefore, in efforts to accelerate the development of batik, this condition is an issue that must be considered, so that in fostering and development of traditional batik industry, both motifs and batik industry itself, is expected to continue to move forward together and support each other, because it is not just a piece of batik textiles with motives and a certain process, but it is a cultural art treasures of the Indonesian nation, which is our identity, because the eyes of the world, synonymous with Indonesian batik. Another thing worth noting is in line with efforts to penetrate the global market is an effort to obtain ratification of Jambi batik Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) / Patent Rights, both National and International.

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