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On-demand Test is a test by giving the sample virus, antivirus menyecan directlyused for those files. The result is seen how the virus is not detected, time scanand clean files also detect other faults.

Antivirus products that are included in this test are as follows:

  • Avast! Professional Edition
  • AVG Anti-Virus
  • Avira Antivir Premium
  • BitDefender Anti-Virus
  • eScan Anti-Virus
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus
  • F-Secure Anti-Virus
  • G DATA Antivirus
  • Kingsoft Antivirus
  • McAfee VirusScan Plus
  • Microsoft Live OneCare
  • Norman Antivirus & Anti-Spyware
  • Sophos Anti-Virus
  • Symantec Norton Anti-Virus
  • Trustport Antivirus 


Av-comparative test in the third stage uses 2 test results in providing therankings / ratings antivirus, the best ability to detect the virus and the number of errors to detect files which are not viruses. In addition, we will also see the comparison results of various antivirus scan speed.

Results of virus detection capability (1.6 million malware samples)
Number of Error Detection
Antivirus Scan speed

Ranking of av-comparatives

As noted earlier, the av-comparatives rank by looking at two things: the ability to detect the 1.6 millionsamples of viruses and the number of errors to detect files which are not viruses. The results are as follows:

From the above data G Data TotalCare (all-in-one) - is a modern antivirus solution that provides real-time protection that can be relied upon from the most common to date security threat - viruses. Two anti-virus core in a single product, unparalleled management, free virus database updates and support group G Data.When you use the program to protect the corporate network, G Data provides protection against various types of malicious code and potentially dangerous executable files to their actual entry into the network. G Data - anti-virus protection, use and technology DoubleScan OutbreakShield. For a few seconds, a new technology OutbreakShield block new viruses, but much faster than other antivirus software.
Maximum protection of a program-record holder, winner of the test:

• continuous detection of the virus in the optimal mode;
• for many years to provide the fastest response time to new viruses;
• apply the latest methods to detect unknown viruses (analysis of behavior (behavior blocking), heuristics (heuristics), dankeamanan protection technology.

G Data TotalCare 2010 Features:

  • Continuing to detect the virus in the optimal mode;
  • Over the years provides the fastest response time to new viruses;
  • Applies the latest methods to detect unknown viruses (behavioral analysis / behavioral blocking), heuristics (heuristics), protection and security technology.
  • With the new user interface based on "one click" - all clear at first sight;
  • Automatically perform all the functions of protection, while remaining almost invisible against the background of other applications;
  • Firewall without an annoying bug.

This program includes:
- Antivirus
- Anti-Spyware
- Phishing
- AntiRootkit
- Parental control
- Firewall
- Tuning system
- Reserves
- Destruction of the files without the possibility of their recovery

OutbreakShield (Protection against epidemics)

OutbreakShield react to the emergence of the virus directly and blocks infected messages in real time - without anti-virus signature updates. G Data products that provide instant protection after 0, 5-2 minutes from the beginning of the epidemic. G Data Software responded to the emergence of viruses and operate much faster than other antivirus software.

Dual scan technology

A virus scanner can not provide reliable protection. Two anti-virus engines and ensure complementarity of 100 - percent of virus detection. G Data AntiVirus provides a simultaneous test with the help of two of the world's best anti-virus engine. Unique technology allows a thorough scan of the dual virus detection and offer the best protection.


Known file from a trusted manufacturer (for example, the Microsoft file system) are not checked for G Data software for viruses. So speed up the scanning process, and important information not found error.


Fingerprinting - independent technology that will not re-scan the data. The scans files on each subsequent scan compared with the, so-called "fingerprint". "Pure" file is checked after the update. The time interval before checking back every time increases. G Data Antivirus always scanning and reading, and, therefore, check each time the computer is faster.
Another advantage

  1. Network firewall with the possibility of centralized administration.
  2. Built-G DATA backup (G DATA TotalCare Security, G DATA Security Notebook) with the possible use of disk space on FTP servers-G DATA rate of 1 GB for each license for the backup data.
  3. Built-in file shredder (file shredder), which provides permanently delete data without possibility to restore them to use data recovery utility. This module is available in the following products: G DATA TotalCare Security, G DATA Security Notebook, G DATA Internet Security.
  4. The ability to create a boot disk virus, designed to test the hard drive without booting the operating system.
  5. Tuner Module with the ability to optimize the operating system. Notification of the need to upgrade your operating system, defragment your hard disk regularly, periodically remove the lines that do not need the Windows registry and temporary files, and many other useful features.

Name             : GD TotalCare 2011 v21.0.0.0

Year               : 2010
Windows OS  : Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP
Language        : English

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