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13 Tips Improve Computer Performance

Ubuntu Vs. Windows: in a Nutshell

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
You may recall how Dell dug itself into an almighty hole last month, after proclaiming that Ubuntu was safer than Windows, before swiftly changing its mind and declaring itself more neutral than Switzerland.

Well, now the PC maker’s had time to think the matter through, another page has appeared on the Dell website, condensing the whole Windows vs Ubuntu debate into about 100 words.

From Dell’s perspective the choice is clear. You should choose Windows if (and I swear I’m not paraphrasing here):

  • You are already using WINDOWS programs (e.g. Microsoft Office, iTunes etc) and want to continue using them
  • You are familiar with WINDOWS and do not want to learn new programs for email, word processing etc
  • You are new to using computers

And you should plump for Ubuntu if:
  • You do not plan to use Microsoft WINDOWS
  • You are interested in open source programming

So, just to get this highly complex argument straight: you should use Windows if you’ve already used Windows or have never used Windows. And you should only think about Ubuntu if you’re an open-source programmer. Got it?

By the way, I’m writing a feature on Ubuntu 10.04 vs Windows 7 for the next issue of PC Pro, on sale 21 August. I’m not sure I can match the degree of sophistication in Dell’s carefully thought-out analysis, but I’ll give it a go...
Source: pcpro.co.uk

13 Tips Improve Computer Performance

Monday, June 7, 2010
Along with a number of software / programs that are installed on the computer, we often feel our computer performance becomes increasingly slow. Or sometimes we have him we are getting slow computer performance. This is reasonable especially with the increasing duration of use of computers with various programs therein.

Actually, computer performance can be influenced by many factors, both software and hardware. There are various tips that can be done in order to be better computer performance.
Here are some tips that might be done and maybe some of it is common we do or we hear.

1. Uninstall Program Not Used
Although not implemented, the program that rarely or never used can influence the performance of the computer. Especially programs that save the settings, the settings in the registry. Why? Because every time the computer starts, windows registry will be loaded into memory, so that the greater size, the memory used will be greater.

2. Check the Auto-Run Program in Windows
This can be checked with a program like autoruns. Usually there are some programs that always run that really is not that important or less important.

3. Defragment Hard Drive
This can be done through the Start Menu -> Accesories> System Tools> Disk Defragment. Which aim to reorganize the files according to priorities.

4. Turn off Unused Services
This requires a little knowledge about computers. Services is a program / library computers also run each of living. Can be seen through the Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Services. If the computer is never used an online (internet), there are several services that can disable.
For example the Windows Time and some other service (you can check with his statement). But it also needs to be careful, if one could cause some functions of Windows is not running.

5. Avoid Skin Use windows
Sometimes the use of appearance / skin extra windows can affect performance significantly. Especially the use of additional software. We recommend that if you want a different look just use Windows Themes (windows default).

6. Turn off Some Visual Effects Windows
Also some windows xp effects are not so important can be deadly. Can be done by right-clicking on My Computer and select Properties. On the Advanced tab in the Performance section click the Settings button. Can disable Visual effects are not so important.

7. Additional Limit the Number of Fonts
This effect to applications that use fonts like Microsoft Office options. With many additional fonts will affect the memory used and the loading is rather slow.

8. Delete Icon on the Desktop that Unimportant
Often programs that are installed on the computer will create a new shortcut (icon) on the desktop. If we rarely use this icon, better remove them, can reduce memory consumption.

9. Scan Computers from Viruses, Spyware, Trojan
If your computer is infected with a virus, most of its performance will decrease, might even be a very slow computer. Therefore should always be maintained so that the computer virus free. Moreover, if computers are often connected to the Internet, then about once a month should be computer scanned for spyware, mallware and the like. Do not forget, its download is also updated regularly.

10. Use Alternative Software More Lightweight
Some software is only used to shed a few simple things. ACD See for example using just to look at a picture or photograph. If you just want to see a picture with a standard format, it can use the default windows, because ACD See quite heavy, especially the latest versions.

11. Using TuneUp Software, Defragment
If we are difficulties with the manual system optimization and want an easy way, then we can use the programs TuneUp, Defragment Registry, and the like.

12. Hardware Upgrades
If you have additional funds and specs the computer still can barely get it on hardware upgrades such as Memory, CPU or VGA. The most influential are the Memory and CPU. More influential to display VGA graphics, usually used by the designer or game enthusiast.

13. Install Birthdays
Sometimes the system is very old and full of programs that many do not / rarely used, although already in the optimization still be slow. If like that, maybe re-install is the best solution, because usually with a system that is more "fresh" performance can be maximized.

The above ways only some tips that might be done and many other tips include optimizing hardware settings. If there are additional tips, please. Hopefully useful.

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